Staircasing is the process that enables you to buy more shares in the value of your shared ownership property.

As you own more of the value of your home you pay less rent on the part that you don’t yet own. The amount you can purchase may vary depending on the details in your lease. It is not always possible to staircase up to 100% or full ownership.

Here are some of the most FAQ about Staricasing

Why should I consider staircasing?

The main benefit of staircasing is that you pay less rent and eventually you may be able to own the maximum share allowed by your lease.

If you are able to purchase 100% you may also be able to obtain the freehold of your property, so that you would not have to comply with lease terms anymore (if your lease allows this option).
When can I staircase?

There is no obligation to staircase and there is no restriction on the number of times you can staircase if you want to do so.

You can buy more when you can afford it, but we recommend you don't buy less than 10% at a time because of the costs involved.

You must have made the initial purchase of your shared ownership property at least 12 months ago.
Will I still have to pay rent if I can’t staircase to 100% ownership?

You will have to pay rent on the un-purchased value of your property until you own the maximum that is allowed by your lease.

If your lease does not enable you to purchase the full value of your property you will not have to pay rent on the final part that you are not able to buy.
What will it cost me to staircase?

You will need to appoint a solicitor, who will tell you their fees.

An independent valuer will determine the purchase price based on the market value of the entire property at the time you choose to staircase.

You will also be responsible for paying the valuation and Greatwell Homes administrative costs involved in the process.
How do I arrange to staircase?

Please fill out the ‘register my details form or contact the Greatwell Living Team on 01933 234450 email:

Our Greatwell Living Team will guide you through the process.